As technology advances, copier machines are becoming increasingly indispensable in many organizations today. Since buying a new copier can be costly, leasing a copier becomes the only option for some businesses. What are the things to watch out for when purchasing or leasing a copier machine for your business?

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What Should You Keep an Eye On?

Deciding whether to lease or buy a copier machine can be challenging if you don’t know each option’s pros and cons. Many businesses opt to rent the copier machines due to its numerous benefits, including low upfront costs and tax advantages. If you decide to follow suit, watch out for these factors.

  1. Inclusions with your lease
  2. Length of lease
  3. Price issues
  4. Planning ahead

1) Inclusions with Your Lease

Many businesses usually add a service contract to their leases for service and maintenance when leasing a copier. While this can be convenient and help save money in the long run, be sure that you’re paying for excellent service. Only accept service contracts from companies with a track record of quality maintenance.

2) Length of Lease

Longer leases may seem cheaper, but they may not be as good a deal as they appear. Not all providers will allow you to upgrade your copier before your contract expires. Additionally, if you allow the expiration date to sneak up on you, you’ll have to pay extra to continue renting the printer. Be aware of how long your lease lasts and how much of a good deal you’re getting.

3) Price Issues

Most copier providers allow you to negotiate a rental price for your office copier. To ensure you’re getting a good deal, look at your lease as though you’re making monthly payments on a purchase. This will help you keep the value of the machine in mind. Once you’ve reached a number you’re comfortable with, you can begin price discussions with your provider.

4) Planning Ahead

What happens when your lease runs out? Depending on the provider, you may be able to simply sign a new contract with a new printer or purchase the one you’re currently renting. Consult with your provider to see what options are available, and ask around the office to see if everyone is satisfied with the current machine or not.

Understand Your Lease Agreement

As you plan to rent an office copier, look for a copier supplier with favorable lease terms for your business. At Platinum Copier Solutions, we offer copier leasing services that guarantee improved productivity at affordable pricing.

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