Many workplaces pride themselves on offering the latest and greatest in technology to employees and clients alike. While this is a sign of a high profit margin and a tech-savvy manager, buying new equipment isn’t just for appearances. An office that still tries to run on outdated office equipment will likely deal with setbacks, delays, lowered office productivity, and other problems.

Old office machines don’t just look out of place in an otherwise modern setting. Between more frequent repair needs or reduced compatibility with other devices, outdated technology can actively harm your workplace’s productivity and efficiency. Here’s why you should try to update your old office machines as quickly as possible.

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Signs of Outdated Machinery

While we can all agree a rotary phone is certainly outdated, other types of old machinery aren’t as easy to identify at first glance. There are three primary signs you should look for if you suspect your office equipment is outdated. First and foremost, how much time are you spending waiting on a particular machine? Is there always a line at the printer as employees wait for the excruciatingly slow machine to give them their documents? Downtime waiting on technology takes time away from other important tasks.

Second, how much money are you spending keeping the machine working? Repair costs add up quickly. At a certain point, it’s more cost-effective to just upgrade rather than continue to patch a machine that’s falling apart.

Third, is your machine even still compatible with the rest of your office devices? Manufacturers eventually end support for especially old software or hardware, and upgrades stop at a certain point as well. Meanwhile your newer equipment soldiers on. If old machines can no longer communicate with your newer devices, it’s time to upgrade.

Reduced Productivity

As mentioned earlier, old machines mean you’ll likely be waiting on a particular job longer than usual. This leads to downtime, which can directly impact your office’s daily productivity. Employees can’t do their jobs if they’re waiting for an old printer to give them an essential document. Worse, many people believe that it takes about 25 minutes to get back on track after even a minor distraction from work. Between waiting on technology and getting back in a work mindset afterward, your employees may struggle to provide the level of productivity you need.

When to Buy New Equipment

Your employees deserve the best equipment available to help them do their jobs to the best of their ability. If you notice increased downtime or dropping profits, consider that the problem may lie with machinery too old to realistically help. Find newer models on sale or simply upgrade to a model with increased functionality or efficiency. Every little bit helps.

Don’t Hold on to Outdated Technology!

There’s no reason to hold your office back with outdated office equipment. If any machine isn’t providing the level of productivity you need, find a better model that will. Keep your office running at the level you want.

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