When choosing between color vs. black and white printing, most people choose color for their new printer. But, toner and ink cartridges for color printing tend to be more costly than black and white cartridges. Have you ever wondered why color printing is more expensive than black and white printing? We are about to find out.

So, why do the costs of color printing and black printing vary significantly? Is it because color toners have unique ingredients costing more than black toners? Or is it the shortage of color cartridges that increases their demand and price? We compare the color with black printing to find answers to the questions.

Here are the differences between color printing vs. black and white printing. 

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Printing Costs B&W vs Color

Printing in color is more expensive than printing in black and white. That is because color printing uses all four color cartridges at once. So, you will be draining all four cartridges at once instead of just one. So, it ends up being more expensive.

Conversely, black printing uses only one cartridge at a time. So, the cost per copy (CPC) of color printing is higher than black printing. However, unlike color printing which uses many toners, black and white printers don’t need many replacement cartridges.

Color Benefits

Although color printing is more costly than black printing, it comes with benefits. For example, it improves the documents’ visual appeal and plays a vital role in printing brochures, reports, and marketing materials.

Also, a color laser printer can produce copies with improved quality and crispness, making them more attractive. That is why some customers are ready to break the bank to get color prints rather than black and white copies.

When to Use Which

Now that you know the differences between color printing vs. black and white printing, which option should you pick? Well, it depends on the type of document you’re printing. Do you plan to print graphics and images or documents with black characters?

If you want to print graphics and pictures, consider using color ink. But if you need to print documents with black letters, numbers, and other characters, it is more cost-effective to use black printing than color printing.

Platinum Copier’s Printers

Whether you prefer color printing vs. black and white printing, the type of printer you use can also influence the quality of printouts. For that reason, it’s essential to invest in high-quality printers to produce high-quality copies that will impress your customers. The good news is that you can find such printers at Platinum Copier Solutions.

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