With the increasing e-commerce activities globally, it’s essential to know how to prevent cyber attacks on businesses. Many companies have fallen victim to cyber-attacks due to a lack of preparedness. In a report by Security Magazine, 2,200 cyber attacks occur every day, breaking down to about one cyber attack after every 39 seconds.

With millions of people working from home to stop the spread of the coronavirus, businesses have become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cyber attackers are devising new ways to infiltrate companies’ sensitive data. Companies need to know the various types of cyber risks and how to prevent each from occurring.

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Here are the tips and ideas on how to prevent cyber-attacks on businesses.

Be Aware of Phishing Emails

Not every email you receive is well-intended. Some contain potentially harmful links that prompt you to submit your credentials. The cybercriminals will access your sensitive information and use it for unacceptable activities. To avoid such phishing emails, ensure that you verify the source of all emails you receive in your inbox before clicking the links.

Pick a Strong Wifi Password

When you rely on Wi-Fi connectivity, you should not use the suggested Wi-Fi password. Instead, pick a strong password that has alphabets, numbers, and a few characters. All cyber criminals are intelligent and can infiltrate your IT network and steal decipherable data. It will be best to create a complicated password that is easy to remember.

Update Your Software

Many cyber attacks on businesses usually occur when business owners fail to update their software and operating systems. Ensure that all your software programs are up to date. All your computers and mobile devices should operate using the latest software available. Using older software makes your business vulnerable to data breaches.

Protect Your Business

Now that you know how to prevent cyber attacks on businesses, invest in tools that can protect sensitive data from security breaches. Use multi-factor authentication in your online accounts. Also, invest in data encryption tools to improve information security in your business. Anti-virus software can also help fight unwanted intruders.

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