You’ve slaved away countless hours on a project and you’ve finally got it just right, barely in time for the deadline. You only have a few minutes left, but it’s ok because all you have left to do is make a few copies. You arrange your pages in the tray, enter the amount you need, and hit the start button. Seconds later, in the middle of the job, it stops. You look up from your smartphone. Lights blink and the screen reads Paper Jam. Your heart rate immediately jumps as you frantically try to make sense of the diagrams and levers to remove the mangled pages and get it copying again.

Most everyone can relate to this scenario and you have probably experienced a paper jam at the exact moment you’re in a hurry. Hate paper jams? Consider these tips on how to avoid them.

Avoiding a Paper Jam

While paper jams can happen for many reasons, you can significantly reduce the chance of having one by taking care of three things. Pay attention to the following:

1. Paper

Printer and copier paper quality is the first thing to look at if you are having frequent paper jams. Cheaper, thinner paper is much more likely to get bent or torn in the printing process lending to more jams. It also causes more paper dust build-up. Check your Sharp copier manual or contact us for the recommended paper weight and quality.

You should also pay attention to is the moisture level of your paper. Printer paper that’s too dry or has absorbed too much moisture can also cause more jams. Storage location and ream size can help manage moisture levels.

2. Loading

Though it may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised how many paper jams are caused by improper loading of both copy paper and copy source material. In the hustle and bustle of daily office life, it’s an easy thing to overlook. A new ream of copy paper will naturally bend more easily in one specific direction over the other. This natural bend in the paper is the crown. Load the copy paper with the crown up. When you are loading the source pages to be copied, fan them with your thumb to ensure they are separated and then load them evenly together.

3. Maintenance

Regular maintenance will ensure all parts and pieces are up to date and working properly. It will also ensure that if there’s ever a mechanical or operational issue, it will be caught as early as possible. Check your manual for the recommended maintenance schedule and work with a reliable Sharp copier support company to keep your machines in top working condition.

Reduce Office Frustration

Learning how to avoid a paper jam may seem like a small thing, but removing stress and frustration always generates the biggest dividends. Choosing the right paper, practicing proper loading techniques, and performing regularly scheduled maintenance will reduce the frequency and extent of your office copy paper jams. It will not only reduce office stress levels but also save you and your employees or co-workers time as every lost second adds up.

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