The cloud has taken the world by storm, and it’s only getting bigger. A revolution for the business world, it continues to bring innovation and advancement to daily office life. Improvements in efficiency, security, and portability alone are enough to warrant your careful consideration. Consider these seven ways a cloud-based approach will improve your document management system.

Cloud Based Document Management: A Better Way

Using cloud-based document management will improve your organization’s business operations. A premised-based solution requires space, physical organization, and capital to maintain. Though a cloud-based system costs more up front, it will save you money long term. Consider the following other benefits to making the switch:

1. Quick Setup

A cloud-based system can typically be set up within 15 minutes. It only requires a device with internet connection abilities and minimal client input. There are no hardware additions, little to no software to install, and no firewalls or backups to create.

2. Easy Access

When your documents are managed in the cloud, it means easy access anytime, anywhere. All you will need is an internet-ready device to access your documents and files wherever you go. Greater portability means you and your employees can do business on the go.

3. Better Organization

You no longer need to manually store your files to keep business documents organized. Your documents and files can be digitally labeled and categorized for ease of retrieval. A simple search for specific keywords will pull them up in seconds.

4. Enhanced Collaboration

Users can collaborate on documents over the internet from anywhere in the world. Files and documents can be password protected and shared with specific users. Documents are easily shared with groups at a time, kept private, or published online. It will also keep a history of views, edits, and other activity you can use to identify system errors and inefficiencies.

5. Superior Security

The right cloud-based solution employs the highest security measures. It will safeguard your sensitive business data and information and provide greater security. A good cloud-based provider uses rigorous security policies and other strategies you may not have access to otherwise. In addition, if a disaster such as flooding or a fire were to damage your office building, all your business data would remain safe and secure in the cloud.

6. Decreased IT Management

When switching to a digital document management system, it’s much more efficient to outsource your IT needs. You will be able to reduce or eliminate your on-site server maintenance and monitoring, security updates and patches, upgrades, licensing, and backups. Freeing up these responsibilities will allow your employees to focus on other tasks in your business.

7. Increased Productivity

 All of this adds up to increased productivity for you and your employees. As the cloud improves efficiencies and the ease of daily operations, your overall productivity will increase. Time can be better allocated to complete projects and tasks faster and more effectively. Plus, the portability factor means you can do business on the go.

Keep Your Data in the Cloud

Every business owner is always looking for ways to improve efficiency, security, and productivity. In short, to improve the bottom line. Cloud-based document management is one solution that accomplishes all three of these and more. Make it even more convenient by bundling document management with your Sharp copier services. Platinum Copier Solutions is your Houston area resource for Sharp office systems and maintenance and management services. Contact Us today for more information on our Sharp devices and cloud-based document management systems.