You would never want to lose sensitive data in the cloud, so you should minimize data loss as much as possible. Unfortunately, while most cloud services are encrypted to protect sensitive data, hackers can still take advantage of the vulnerabilities that exist in your network. Thankfully, there are many ways to minimize data loss in the cloud.

Consider yourself vulnerable to data loss when operating your business on the cloud. That will help you devise protective strategies to secure your sensitive data. For instance, Microsoft Office 365 (M365) is among the most helpful software in businesses. But despite its security measures, it can’t restore lost or deleted data. For that reason, you should minimize data loss in the cloud.

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Data Loss Happens

Data loss occurs every day in many organizations. But unfortunately, most businesses don’t recover from the losses. Statista reveals that 94 percent of companies never recover from a severe data loss. Besides, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are ten times more likely to take the hit than larger organizations during a data breach.

Have a Data Loss Recovery Plan

An effective data loss recovery plan can help keep your business running even during a data breach. But unfortunately, 58 percent of SMBs lack backup plans for their data. The good news is that you recover your data quickly with cloud backup solutions should you lose data. Besides, you can restore lost data to the previous state with a few clicks.

Implement Automatic Backups

Unlike hard drive backups, cloud solutions offer automatic backups, so you won’t worry about backing up your data manually. Also, good backups offer multiple daily backups for any changes in your data. For example, it could be 4-6 automated data backups daily. As a result, your data will always be up to date without updating it manually.

Use the Cloud

Even though you may need to take some precautions, the cloud has wonderful features. All of our current printers have cloud capabilities, and they make your life so much easier. Our Advanced Series has Microsoft Teams integration to make collaboration work simpler. We also have a Bitdefender antivirus available that will prevent as much data loss as possible. 

Protect Your Data With Platinum

The best way to minimize data loss in your business is by investing in cloud computing and data loss prevention (DLP) technologies. That will help secure your important data from possible breaches. Also, ensure your operating systems are well-secured to prevent data loss. Some of the best ways to protect your data are to keep your equipment up to date. Visit Platinum Copiers to learn more about your office supplies office.

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