Our eyes are naturally drawn to color. A bright array of colors or even a single attention-grabbing hue are far more likely to pique someone’s interest than a simple black and white picture. While these principles are obviously important to artists, business owners should also take the time to consider how they use colors in their branding and marketing strategies.

Color is far from the only factor to consider for your marketing designs. However, never underestimate what this simple element can do! A colorful, eye-catching logo or promotional flyer could be the push a customer needs to check your business out.

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Catch Your Customers’ Eye

Our eyes are naturally drawn to vibrant colors that stand out from their surroundings. In an otherwise monochrome or black and white design, a brightly colored logo sets itself apart and attracts our attention. This isn’t restricted to logos either–a box with an important notice or even an advertised sale should use color to stand out. Your design choices for your print projects could make a significant difference!

Establishing Your Unique Identity

Part of any company’s branding is the colors they choose. Over time, this color becomes a huge part of their identity. It’s hard to imagine Starbucks without its signature shade of green, after all! Associating a color with your brand can help create your particular identity, but that’s not all it can do. Plenty of companies choose colors that match their stated mission. For instance, blue is often used to represent trust and stability. Brands that depend heavily on client trust, like HP and AT&T, use logos sporting a lovely shade of dark blue. Meanwhile, a more upbeat company like Nickelodeon uses the more energetic orange in its logo. Which color best matches your company mission?

Emphasize Important Information

As mentioned earlier, strategically chosen and placed colors can draw your customers’ attention to a particular spot. But this is useful for more than just showing off your logo. Savvy graphic designers will also emphasize a time-sensitive announcement or sale with bright colors so it’s the first thing the customer sees. Make sure they get the message!

Pro Tip: Colors are useful tools to direct your audience’s attention a certain way, but don’t overdo it! Sensory overload will turn people off.

Using Colors in Marketing Materials

Strategically printing colors on promotional materials can grab your customers’ attention and help your logo stand out on an otherwise monochrome sheet of paper. Don’t underestimate the importance of color! Anything that contributes to increased sales is a win for your business.

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