In-person classes are starting up again in schools across America. Teachers now have to contend not only with the challenges of a typical school year, but with social distancing requirements and strict attention to hygiene. Needless to say, educational staff need all the help they can get–and modern classroom technology can provide some of that help.

As many schools resume in-person classes, it’s time to consider technology that can offer valuable help to an overworked teacher. Take a closer look at one such piece of technology here. #PlatinumCopiers Click To Tweet

Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

The Sharp AQUOS Board, a remarkably user-friendly interactive whiteboard, offers value for teachers in a variety of different ways. A few benefits of having an AQUOS Board in your classroom include:

  1. Interactive lessons
  2. Ease of use
  3. Simple connectivity

1) Interactive Lessons

Rather than requiring students to simply listen and absorb information through lectures, an AQUOS Board allows students to participate in the lessons themselves. The whiteboard combines visual learning with auditory cues and even the sense of touch through writing on the board. This helps students understand the lessons regardless of their learning style. Better yet, since the board’s software allows for several highly responsive touch pens to be used simultaneously, multiple students can work on the board together. This further encourages cooperative learning and keeps students involved in the lesson.

2) Ease of Use

Unlike a conventional whiteboard or blackboard, the AQUOS Board interactive display is entirely electronic. At the end of class, there are no chalk marks or marker streaks to erase to prepare for the next group of students. All the teacher has to do is reset the display. With no mess to clean up and no need to constantly refill a supply of chalk or markers, the AQUOS Board makes interactive lessons easy.

Pro Tip: Connecting the AQUOS Board to your personal devices is as simple as downloading the necessary software.

3) Simple Connectivity

The AQUOS Board is designed to work in tandem with multiple other electronics in the classroom. You can connect your computer, video camera, or even microscope to show students whatever you’d like, or you can browse the internet on the board itself for learning materials. You can also use the board to display various forms of physical media like maps, printed photos, and more.

Improving Your Classroom

Technology exists to improve our lives, and taking advantage of that improvement wherever possible can make the workday so much easier. The classroom is no exception to this rule. With a Sharp AQUOS Board, you can make learning interactive and engaging for your students.

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