COVID-19 has completely changed the way we approach a professional work setting. Consequently, boosting employee satisfaction looks a bit different now than it did in previous years. But companies still need to retain employees by ensuring they’re satisfied with their current position. How can you do that now?

Now and in the future, a business’s response to the coronavirus epidemic indicates their regard for employees and willingness to adapt to new circumstances. The changes a business makes will play directly into how satisfied the employees are with their situation. Here are just a few ways to improve employee satisfaction even during the pandemic.

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Promote Health & Comfort

It seems like everyone is very focused on health, given the current situation. Everyone wants to boost their immune system and stay protected from viruses. While you may not be able to do much for your employees in these areas, you can show that you care about their health by improving certain aspects of your office. Consider switching to standing desks or stocking the breakroom with healthier snacks. Employees who type for hours on end will appreciate an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Decorate your office space with flowers or relaxing artwork for a calm, quiet atmosphere.

Encourage Remote Work

Remote work is more than just a convenient way for employees to be productive without the stress of commuting. In the current era, it’s a way of showing that you care about your employees’ health more than requiring that they physically show up to the office every day. And considering how many employees enjoyed remote work options even before coronavirus happened, encouraging it now will definitely make your employees feel respected.

Pro Tip: Remote employees need the same desk setup as anyone in the office. Consider offering a stipend for remote employees to purchase ergonomic equipment for their home office.

Provide Updated Technology

Older technology is less reliable and often incompatible with newer equipment. Either one of these problems could make the workday more complicated and force even the simplest of tasks to take too long to complete. Wasted time contributes to employee stress and deteriorates your company culture. Don’t let that happen! Provide new, well-maintained office equipment to make the workday go smoothly.

Focus on Employee Job Satisfaction

Your business stands or falls on your employees’ performance, and their performance is directly tied to their satisfaction with their jobs. Providing a flexible, comfortable work environment and showing them you care about their health will go a long way toward keeping your employees happy and your company profitable even as the pandemic continues.

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