The coronavirus has made working far more complicated for everyone. Some are stuck working from home, while others have to come into an office hastily renovated for social distancing requirements. The need for a productive workforce seems to clash with the need to keep those same workers healthy.

Fortunately, businesses are discovering clever solutions to ensure no one brings the virus to work. Perhaps one of the more reliable solutions involves a quick checkup before an employee is allowed inside. To make these checkups even more accurate, Platinum Copier Solutions is introducing a new piece of essential office equipment: the temperature kiosk.

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How the Temperature Kiosk Works

The kiosk consists of a tablet with a camera mounted on top. This tablet can be positioned on top of a desk or on a bracket near the entryway to monitor everyone who enters the building. Using highly accurate sensors, the camera can perform a temperature check to within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit and determine if the visitor is running a fever or not. Immediately after the temperature reading, the tablet will provide a visual and/or auditory announcement of whether the visitor passed or failed. You, as the business owner, will also receive email alerts of who’s entering the office and whether they passed the test or not.

Pro Tip: The camera on our new temperature kiosk is also equipped with facial recognition software. The camera’s memory can store up to 20,000 faces for authorized access and can recognize if someone is wearing a mask or not.

How to Use the Temperature Kiosk

The most immediate and obvious application of a temperature kiosk is at the reception desk. Before a person is allowed to truly enter the building, they must pass the automated health and safety test. But this kiosk has applications even beyond health and safety. With built-in facial recognition, this camera can be combined with your access control system to ensure that only authorized individuals enter restricted areas. Place these kiosks anywhere you need to restrict access and/or reduce the risk of person to person infection.

Slow the Spread of COVID-19

Social distancing, washing your hands, and other methods will prevent the virus from spreading too readily. However, a medical examination is the only way to truly know for sure if an employee is sick. In this time of risk, the typical cultural expectation of coming to the office even if you’re sick must be set aside. Protect your employees and show you care by keeping the virus out of your office.

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