Many industries have invested in digital content to replace hard-copy books, magazines, books, and newspapers. And this has been hastened by the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite the unprecedented shift of focus to digital technology, digital fatigue is slowly setting in, with 70 percent of people revealing they are reducing digital consumption.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, many businesses transitioned solely to digital solutions. But with time, digital consumers began to feel overwhelmed by the increasing number of digital devices and subscriptions, resulting in digital fatigue. So, they opted for print media to reduce staring at the glare of a screen.

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Let’s find out what digital fatigue is and how to prevent it. 

What is Digital Fatigue?

Digital fatigue is a state of mental exhaustion resulting from the excessive use of digital gadgets, such as computers. The concept of digital fatigue came to light during the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone was working from home. People had to stay connected with other workers through digital solutions, such as video conferences.

Prevent Mental Exhaustion With Printing

With almost every business publishing digital content, you can also invest in print media to stand out. Customers with your print can quickly remember you and return to you. The best thing about print is that it helps you avoid digital fatigue, reducing mental exhaustion from glaring screens. It’s also a strategy to prevent digital white noise.

Differentiate Your Business

Even if you’ve invested in digital solutions, don’t forget to invest in print solutions. It sets your business apart from companies that rely entirely on digital technology. As a result, you’ll gain a competitive advantage over them since some consumers still prefer using printed documents over soft copies. Besides, you won’t experience digital fatigue.

Platinum Copiers Can Help You

Prolonged screen time can cause digital fatigue. But with the help of print technology, you’ll reduce the mental exhaustion coming from digital technology. Besides, your business will stand out among competitors since many customers still use print media. The good news is that Platinum Copiers can help you with print technology solutions.

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