Local government offices handle a staggering amount of paperwork and information every day. Without the proper equipment, the constant influx of work can be overwhelming. High-quality office machinery and services can go a long way toward keeping a government office’s workload manageable.

For your government office, you’ll need the most high-functioning printers, presentation equipment, computers, and more on the market. Stay on top of all the information you process daily while also saving yourself plenty of valuable time!

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Sharp Aquos Board

Give professional presentations with the Aquos Board, an upgrade over your standard interactive whiteboard. The board’s sensitive interface feels like writing with a normal marker and allows multiple people to write on the board simultaneously. This versatile, easy-to-use device is sure to leave a lasting impression after any meeting! How can your government office best use this fantastic machine?

Multifunction Printers

Sharp’s long line of multifunction printers and copiers gives your government office plenty of choices. Combine all the work of a fax machine, printer, and copier into a single compact machine! Best of all, never worry about misplacing scanned documents again. Not only can you edit a document after scanning, but the machine saves your work with a simplistic naming system that allows you to find it quickly on your computer. Streamline your paperwork with a multifunction printer!

Pro Tip: Can’t find the manual for your Sharp printer? Don’t worry–they’re all available online as free PDF downloads!

Document Management Systems

Sometimes, the constant stream of paperwork and print jobs is too much for your office to handle. That’s where a professional document and print management system can help you out. Print management will keep your business from printing more documents than necessary, cutting down on costs as well as waste. They also offer increased storage space, state-of-the-art information security, and unparalleled disaster recovery. You can rest assured that any documents your print management system handles are in the right hands.

Boosting Office Efficiency

In a busy office, the right equipment can make all the difference in productivity levels and budget. Invest in the best equipment on the market for your government office!

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