Environmental conservation is at the forefront of domestic and international discussion. As such, many people ask what they can do to reduce the production of waste in their daily lives. The workplace has also been a place where enormous amounts of paper are used, copied, stored, and wasted. Tired of wasting paper and money on unnecessary printing? Here are 5 ways to help your company cut down. Click To Tweet

Save Paper in Your Company

If you’re like most people, you do a lot at home to cut down your carbon footprint. You recycle, use eco-friendly cleaning products, and try not to waste water. The workplace is equally important considering how much time you spend there. Here some easy ways to cut down on paper waste:

  1. Print Wisely
  2. Double Side
  3. Print By Page
  4. Electronic Archives
  5. Use Email

1) Print Wisely

“ I just like holding it in my hands.” This is a frequent excuse for printing documents that didn’t really need to be printed. Printing is so easy, and sometimes employees prefer to review an item in the physical paper form, but printing items that will only get thrown in the recycling bin is wasteful.

2) Double Side

Don’t forget your printer has the option of two-sided printing. It might not be inappropriate for official documents. But, it’s but certainly useful when it comes to internal ones. To eliminate confusion, take a moment to write down guidelines for two-sided printing. Specify which documents should be printed only on one side, and which can utilize both sides.

Pro Tip: Double-sided printing can save a significant amount of paper waste, but will also take slightly longer to print.

3) Print By Page

If you only need a few pages from a large document, print only those pages. Even in situations that require paper archives, you can often print the signature pages only, saving you many pages of waste.

4) Electronic Archives

Archiving information is a necessary practice for many busy offices, but filing cabinets aren’t the only way to store documents. Not only does paper archival waste paper and precious office space, but it’s also harder to search and sort. Paper is also more likely to age or get damaged in the long run.

5) Use Email

Email has become the primary way employees and clients communicate at work, but many documents are still printed off for distribution, either because of legal reasons or ease. With Sharp’s MFP touchscreen you can easily scan and email important documents with security and without paper.

Save Paper (And Money)

Conserving paper in the office is a must for all Eco-conscious employers. Many employees relish the opportunity as well. Besides, it not only saves trees and other resources – it saves money as well. In some cases, technology is the answer. In others, it’s a choice to adopt a new habit or process that reduces paper waste. Either way, there are countless ways to pitch in and play your part.

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