As a business owner, you look for every way you can streamline your operations and processes. Getting more accomplished with less without compromising quality is one of your driving ambitions. The digital shift has opened up endless opportunities to increase your productivity by streamlining nearly every aspect of your business, including faxing.

Boost Your Productivity with Cloud Faxing

Documents make the business world go round. They are used to communicate information, keep records, and make binding contracts. They must be prepared, sent, read, signed, returned, and filed. Consider the following 5 ways cloud faxing streamlines the process:

1) Easy set up

There is no software to install and no fax hardware to take up space or mess with. It’s simple and easy to setup and use. All you need is an email address and internet access.

2) Cost-effective

Your billing is typically based on service usage. You have no investments in hardware or software. All your support, maintenance, and upgrade costs are included in one monthly fee as opposed to separate billing for each service. .

3) More secure

Emails are encrypted with the highest level of security ensuring your faxes are seen only by the eyes you intend. A traditional analog fax server may contain unsecure, unencrypted data and the security measures aren’t always up to date. What’s more, once a fax is received, it may sit in a public bin or receptacle making accidental unauthorized access an easy occurrence. With services like Sharp’s eGoldFax Pure Cloud Faxing, every fax is secure from sender to receiver via secure, encrypted email.

4) Accessible

With cloud-based faxing you are not confined to any specific locale to receive important faxes. No more waiting around the office. You can receive any fax anywhere at anytime. This perfect for traveling salesman, executives, and remote workers.

5) More Efficient

One huge shortcoming of traditional fax machines is there is no streamlined organization. The sender must print out a document and scan it into the fax machine. Once the receiver gets the fax, he or she may have to then turn around and scan it back into the computer. With everything being digital, cloud-based faxing is much more streamlined and efficient.

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Efficiency is huge when it comes to your bottom line. Inefficient systems and processes needlessly cost you money that could be put to better use. Give your business the best shot at success with the added efficiency of cloud faxing.

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