If you interact with the whiteboard daily, you’ve probably heard about whiteboard games and their benefits. You might wonder, “What are whiteboard games?” Whiteboards are more common in classrooms for learning purposes but can also be used to play games for team building.

Playing whiteboard games is the most effective way to build teamwork and have a good time. That’s because the board’s surface is smooth, making it easy to make erasable markings using whiteboard markers. Thankfully, there are many games to play on a whiteboard, including tic tac toe and jeopardy. 

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What is a Whiteboard Game?

As the name suggests, a whiteboard game is any game played on the whiteboard (or a smartboard like an AQUOS board) using whiteboard markers to draw and label it. Some whiteboard and games are straightforward, while others are complex and require teamwork and competition.

Our Top 3 Favorite Whiteboard Games

Now that you know what whiteboard games are, here are the most exciting ones to try.

1. Tic Tac Toe

To play this game, draw a grid on the whiteboard. One player will be making X markings and the other O markings on the grids they choose. The player who makes three markings in a row becomes the winner.

2. Pictionary

Most of us have played Pictionary at one point or another. The basic rules to prepare a stack of common phrases, terms, places, or ideas for your group to pull from. One person reads one of these ideas and proceeds to draw it on the whiteboard. The group has one minute to answer correctly what the picture is. This is a great team-building exercise for both classrooms and businesses. 

3. Jeopardy 

Jeopardy is another game that many of us know well. This game can be tailor-made for any group to enjoy depending on what topic they want to explore. The game master would need to come up with 25 questions over 5 categories related to the topic. Divide the group into 2, 3, or 4 groups, and assign point values to the questions. Whoever gets the most points wins the game! 

Aquos Board Team Building

Unlike traditional whiteboards, Aquos boards have interactive display systems to allow smooth and effortless communication between team members. The boards are typical touch screens with highly responsive touch pens for writing or drawing. An Aquos board boosts communication and team building, whether in a classroom or office boardroom.

Get Your Aquos Board from Platinum Copiers

Now that you know what whiteboard games are, you can confidently play the games during your free time, or use them as team-building exercises. Consider using the Aquos Boards from Platinum Copiers to play classic games rather than the traditional whiteboards.

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