As a business owner, you are likely looking for every opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and to go above and beyond for clients. When someone walks into your boardroom, what do they see? How do they feel? If employees are falling asleep at meetings and clients have a difficult time seeing presentations, it’s time to make a change.

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AQUOS BOARD®: Today’s Revolutionary Interactive Display

Is your office still working with outdated projection screens and whiteboards, or even worse, chalkboards?  It’s time to for an overhaul! The SHARP AQUOS Board® is an interactive display system that uses innovative technology to bring your meetings into the 21st century! Here are 5 ways an AQUOS BOARD® is sure to impress clients at your next conference.

  1. Versatility
  2. Screen Size
  3. Like Pen On Paper Software  
  4. Connect to Your MFP
  5. Connect to Mulitple Devices  

1) Versatility

Need to impress board members? Have a training seminar? From small to large meetings and everything in between, the AQUOS BOARD® seamlessly transitions from one application to the next without ever missing a beat.

2) Screen Size

At a whopping 80’’ class (80’’ diagonal), your message will be heard loud and clear without ever saying a word. Keep attendees entertained and interested by presenting on one of the largest digital display screens on the market!

3) Pen On Paper Software

Sharp’s Pen Software makes writing on the AQUOS BOARD® as smooth as pen on paper. Choose from a multitude of custom options like color and line thickness for each touch pen. And, you can have up to four pens working on the board at the same time. That’s collaboration at it’s best!

Pro Tip: The usability and precision of the Sharp Pen Software are unparalleled. Share documents, highlight key points and send files with the touch of a button in the middle of your meeting.

4) Easily Connect & Print to Your MFP

Have you ever had a document that would be much easier to present on a large screen? Or maybe you wrote notes on a board that needs to be emailed out. Instead of manually typing them out, wouldn’t be great to simply print or save with the touch of a button? With the AQUOS BOARD® you can! Write and draw directly on images and documents scanned from your MFP then send it to your office device or save it to the cloud.

Did you know that by partnering with Platinum Copier Solutions, you get all of the Sharp copier support you need form a friendly staff? If your MFP is acting up, simply give a call to our live support desk — no voicemails, rerouting, or robots!

5) The Ability to Connect to Mulitple Devices

Need to display the same image or document to every participant’s device? It’s easy with Sharp Display Connect. Broadcast content to phones, tablets, and laptops effortlessly.   

One Step Ahead of the Competition

If you want your business to really stand out, invest in a Sharp AQUOS BOARD® — you will quickly start reaping the benefits! It not only makes a huge impact on clients, but it also saves your team valuable time and energy. Don’t let another boring or hard-to-see meeting slip by again — get the ultimate interactive whiteboard that meets your every need.

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