Welcome to the Skywell®

Clean water is vital to life and health, and we are well aware of the increasing scarcity on our planet. Estimates show that by 2025, half of the world’s population will lack clean drinking water. Skywell® has created a revolutionary technology that will impact the world’s water crisis, as well as being respectful of the environment. They call it air water, and it is empowering people to control and create their water supply.

How It Works

Skywell® is transforming the way we drink water. It takes Earth’s most abundant resource–air–transforming it into pure, precious drinking water. The surrounding air is taken in, and through condensation, collects moisture. The Skywell® then meticulously filters the water, removing chemicals, bacteria, and pesticides, producing fresh, clean drinking water right from the air. Just plug it in and your Skywell® begins providing pure drinking water and is ready to dispense–both hot and cold.


How It Thinks

The Skywell® represents cutting edge technology. Not only will it collect and convert air into water, but the Skywell® is also intelligent and understands environmental and health issues related to drinking water. Each Skywell® has an interactive digital screen which displays water volume and temperatures, as well as tracking your daily water intake and its total environmental impact. The screen also allows programming for maximum efficiency.


Why It’s Better

The Skywell® has many advantages over conventional drinking water sources. It is Earth-friendly! Using the Skywell® eliminates the environmental costs of producing and disposing of plastic water bottles. The Skywell® produces higher quality water than what you can get from the tap or any container. Air doesn’t contain any groundwater contaminants; there are no pesticides, pharmaceuticals or other chemicals used to treat the water.

The Perfect Glass of Fresh Air

The Skywell® is perfect for homes and offices and is the cornerstone of our Earth’s water solution. Take control of your water, decrease your carbon footprint, and help eliminate waste and costs associated with traditional drinking water from the tap or bottles. It is time for a change, and the Skywell® delivers it–one glass at a time. Contact Platinum Copiers today to schedule your FREE demonstration.

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