The modern workplace is a minefield of distractions, and without the right tools and tricks to streamline your workflow, productivity will suffer. At the end of the day, efficiency leads to bigger profits and a more satisfying work experience. Have you been feeling forgetful? Here are some tips to help you multitask and streamline your workflow.

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Streamline Your Workflow

To streamline your work processes, assess the entire operation from top to bottom, identifying potential areas of improvement. Look at what you are currently doing, and ask for feedback from existing staff about what frustrates them in the day and what works well. Inventory the entire office, from the filing system to the warehouse organization. Assess the age and ability of computer hardware and software. From there you can implement new strategies, get rid of unnecessary steps and get a handle on your operations.


Take each process in order of priority and look at exactly how it works. You are looking for steps you can remove to streamline the process, and this might involve automation. For example, in your office, who orders the ink and toner? Is it only ordered when it’s out, resulting in annoying print downtime? Automating your print processes with managed print services tracks all of that data and automatically ships you the supplies you need when you need them.


No process or workflow is perfect, so once you’ve improved your existing process, expect to refine your process again as time goes on. Modern business solutions make it easy to adjust or improve your workflow with a few clicks of a mouse or a quick phone call to a service provider.

Pro Tip: Evaluating your workflow for improvement isn’t a one-time process. It requires regular reviews.

Replace Outdated Tech

When you’re lacking time or money, it can be tempting to wait until a printer breaks or a piece of software becomes obsolete to think about replacing it. Even in smaller businesses, this approach leads to unscheduled downtime, inconsistent service, and funding problems. In large companies, it’s completely impractical. When you replace computers or upgrade your office MFP, your budget takes a hit, but your staff productivity soars.

Communication is Key

Communication is critical for productivity in the workplace. If your team doesn’t understand goals and tasks, they cannot complete them properly. Prioritize interoffice communications and collaboration to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Multitask With Smart Machines

It’s hard to multitask in an office that uses tools and machines that can’t multitask. Your MFP should be able to print, scan, fax, copy, send and store data, and your interactive display system should be able to handle all your teleconferencing needs without additional gadgets. With the right machines, your team will thrive.

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