Every modern law firm utilizes technology in their office. While this should make it easier to run your firm, it can sometimes cause more problems when it’s not operating efficiently. Whether it’s an old printer that constantly jams, an unreliable server, or a spotty internet connection, outdated technology can really slow you down. Are you joining a law firm or starting your own? Here’s the office equipment you need.

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Office Equipment Every Law Firm Needs

When choosing office machines and equipment, keep in mind that troubleshooting costs staff time they could have spent on more productive tasks. If hardware can’t be repaired, you’ll have to spend more time and money buying new items in the future. Cost versus utility should be an important consideration. If you’re shopping for office equipment for your law firm, here’s a list of must-have items:

High-Quality MFP

A quick Google search can give you an endless list of copiers and MFPs, but your law firm needs the best of the best. Compliance and security issues, scanning capacity and speed are just a few challenges you’ll need to address. In Texas, you must be able to securely e-file for many court cases, which requires scanning functionality to digitize paper case files.

Secure Wireless Router

The employees at your firm depend on the Internet to do their job. There are few things more frustrating than a slow Internet connection during a busy workday. Not only does a slow or interrupted connection affect everyone’s computer, but it can also affect the office’s phone system and cloud-based management software. In addition, clients that visit your office will also need to access secure wifi and your router needs to offer that without making your own network vulnerable.

Pro Tip: In order for employees to be as efficient as possible, they need a fast and secure wireless router.


No matter the size of your practice, data backups and security are critical components to ensure longevity. All those documents and pictures you’ve scanned are worthless if your network is compromised and your data is lost, in addition to the legal ramifications and damage to your firm’s reputation if privileged data is breached. Consider a hybrid cloud backup solution for extra protection: Keep one physical backup and one cloud backup.

The Platinum Advantage

We’ve worked with many law firms, from small local practices to large firms. We understand the challenges and special requirements facing law firms in today’s market. You can count on us to provide print solutions that are efficient and scalable while keeping your costs at a minimum.

Contact Us to find a high-resolution Sharp MFP for your Houston law firm.

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