How you begin your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Start off in a bad mood and the chances are high you will have a bad day, regardless of what happens. The habits that form your morning routine play a large role in your daily productivity, efficiency, and how you feel in general. Consider the following ways to improve your day.  

Enhancing Your Morning Routine

Everyone knows the importance of eating a good breakfast each morning. But, have you ever considered how your morning habits could affect your day? You want to be as efficient and productive as possible as you go about your daily routine. While choosing the right computers, copiers, and other office equipment can make a big difference, how you start your morning is just as important. Consider these 7 tips to a better morning and a better day.

1) Be On time

It’s a simple, yet powerful way to improve the course of your day. Show up on time. Not only will you appear more professional to leaders and coworkers, you will feel it and it will affect your work. Arriving to work consistently late sabotages your productivity and effectiveness.

2) Greet your coworkers

Be kind and approachable. Smile and greet the people you work with. Make your rounds and give everyone a reason to smile first thing in the morning. They will feel better and you will feel better. How you feel will determine a lot about the kind of day you will have.

3) Take time to breathe, reflect, and refocus

When you close your office door behind you, pause and take a deep breath. Spend your first 10-15 minutes away from all screens. Take a moment of silence, meditation, or prayer. Refocus your mind on the day ahead of you. The stronger your focus, the more you will stay on task.

4) Scan and prioritize emails

Once you turn your computer on, the flood of emails begins and never seems to end until you turn it off. Fight the temptation to read and respond to all of them. Answering emails feels like productivity but often gets in the way of completing the other more important tasks at hand. Instead, learn to scan and prioritize them. Answer only the urgent items and schedule time later to respond to the rest.

5) Set daily goals

Go over your tasks for the day and set your daily goals. Make sure they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive. Setting goals will give your day direction. Completing goals throughout the day will make you feel productive.

6) Organize and prioritize your day

Once your goals are set, it is important to prioritize them and organize your day. Give yourself enough time to complete each task. Make sure to include breaks along the way. Breaks are important moments to rest, relax, and recharge. Your mind and body need them to achieve peak production.

7) Laugh

Seriously. Genuine laughter is a guaranteed mood enhancer. Find a way to laugh each morning before you start the day. Find that coworker that always makes you feel good. Subscribe to a joke of the day email list, funny video feed, or other humorous thread. Allow yourself to laugh a little and you’ll be surprised how much it affects the rest of your day.

Good Habits for a Great Day

You are always wanting to get more done while at the office. Technology, better office equipment, and improvements to your systems are vital to that end. However, making small adjustments to your morning routine will not only make you more efficient and productive, you will also feel better doing it. Use these tips to a better, more productive day at the office. Platinum Copier Solutions is your Houston resource for Sharp copier solutions and services. Contact Us for more information on how Sharp products and services can make your office more productive and efficient.

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