Churches have offices too, and often find themselves in need of basic office materials or machinery. The hundreds of bulletins, announcements, flyers, and more printed each week consume time, money, and printing materials. Why not help your church stay on top of all that work with a few strategic choices in your office equipment?

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Technology and Services for Church Offices

Most church offices, particularly larger churches, produce a huge amount of printed material every week. To keep up with the constant demand, it’s worth considering some of the highest quality products on the market: Sharp multifunction printers and their accessories. The three best additions to a church’s office are:

  1. Multifunction printers
  2. Printer manuals and tutorials
  3. Managed print services

1) Multifunction Printers

Your church office could get crowded pretty quickly with a copier, printer, scanner, and fax machine all taking up space. Save some room by combining the functions of all four essential machines into a multifunction printer, a state-of-the-art machine that does all the same work while occupying a fraction of the space. If you can’t afford to buy one right now, don’t worry–you can lease one in the meantime and start saving space in the office.

Pro Tip: What other office equipment can you combine into a single device? The fewer machines your office has, the less electricity you’ll consume, and the more room you’ll have to walk around.

2) Printer Manuals and Tutorials

As helpful as a multifunction printer can be, they are complex machines and take some time to master. Your owner’s manual will be critical as you learn. If you have a question about your printer and can’t find the manual, find your model number in this list of manual PDFs to get the help you need. Free online tutorials can also help you learn basic printing functions your church will use frequently. Take advantage of these free resources to get the most out of your new printer!

3) Managed Print Services

If your church has trouble keeping up with all the required printed materials, even with a brand new printer, maybe it’s time to consider managed print services. A professional printing service will keep you well-stocked with paper and ink, keep your documents secure, ensure you never waste print materials on botched print jobs, and more. Most importantly, this service takes the workload off you so you can focus on more pressing jobs while your documents print. For the busy church office manager, print services can be a lifesaver.

Keeping Up with Church Printing Needs

Your church’s office needs as much attention and quality technology as any other office. Cutting edge technology and professional printing services can provide the extra bit of help your office needs to keep up with work and demand.

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