In this highly digital age, you may believe that not all work environments require a multifunctional printer to help businesses run smoothly. But for many, the need to create highly professional materials means it’s important to purchase a printer that will produce high-quality work internally and for clients.

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Which Printer Could Be Right for You?

When determining which type of multifunction printer is right for you, consider the primary purpose it will serve your business and whether space is a factor for the machine. Each model holds a specific quality that depends on the type of use you’re looking to get out of your printer. Here are a few Sharp printers that Houston small business owners love:

  1. Sharp MX-2615N
  2. Sharp MX-3116N
  3. Sharp MX-6050V
  4. Sharp MX-B201D
  5. Sharp MX-C250

1) Sharp MX-2615N

This SHARP copier/printer is a newer model and a great addition to any size office. It’s remote Front Panel allows you to easily control color quality to produce stunning and bright printed images. If you are often printing brochures, fliers or invitations, this SHARP model is great for professional-looking pieces.

Learn more about the Sharp MX-2615N.

2) Sharp MX-3116N

If your office space presents a challenge when purchasing a printer, the SHARP MX-3116N is the perfect solution. With its sleek design that doesn’t take up much room, you can enjoy all the features of this multifunctional printer without compromising space. This model can fit easily in the corner of a smaller room and boasts a high-resolution screen display that is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Learn more about the Sharp MX-3116N.

3) Sharp MX-6050V

If space is not an issue in your office, the SHARP MX-6050V might be a good option for you, especially if you print a high-volume of materials that require a variety of different types of paper. This printer has six trays, a digital color screen for advanced workflow, and produces outstanding color quality every time.

Learn more about the Sharp MX-6050V.

Pro Tip: When researching multifunction printer options and models, consider where your new printer will be located in your office and whether space might become an issue.

4) Sharp MX-B201D

Many small business owners run their companies from their homes. It may not be necessary to purchase a large standing printer. That’s why the SHARP MX-2201D is so convenient– it is compact enough to sit on a desk or small table without compromising print quality. This is a great option for businesses that don’t require a large number of printed materials on a daily basis.

Learn more about the Sharp MX-B201D.

5) Sharp MX-C250

Cost can be a concern in any type of business, especially smaller sized businesses. The SHARP MX-C250 is both cost-effective and practical, with a modern design that gets the job done to help you manage your print jobs. This model is affordable and reliable, producing professional documents for virtually any small business.

Learn more about the Sharp MX-C250.

Research All Options

You might have already begun looking at multifunction printers online, but it’s always a good idea to view the machines in person to determine which model is best for you. Consider the size of the machine and where it will be located in your office. Review prices and narrow down your choices– you’re going to be using this machine often!

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