Maintaining a printer is easy when you know the common office printer problems. Any copier or printing machine in a busy office can develop issues at any time. Failure to fix the problems may delay print operations, reducing your productivity and quality of work.

What are the most common office printer problems, and how do you fix them?

Printers are not immune to breaking down, so you need to know how to fix the most common printer problems. The impact can even be worse when a multifunction printer you rely on breaks down. Here are the printer issues to note.

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  1. Low Ink
  2. Constant Jams 
  3. No Mobile Printing
  4. Low-Quality Printing
  5. No Security

1) Low Ink

Your printer’s print quality will reduce when the ink level in your cartridge gets low. Most printers will alert you when the ink goes below the recommended level. Don’t assume the warnings. Instead, purchase extra ink and toner or cartridges for emergencies.

2) Constant Jams

Paper jams are rare in modern printers but can be frustrating if they occur. This problem usually occurs when the printing papers misalign. You can resolve it by removing the jammed papers and aligning the other papers in the input paper tray.

3) No Mobile Printing

If your printer is not Wi-Fi-enabled, you may worry about mobile printing. The good news is that you can still print documents from your smartphone if configured correctly. Non-Wi-Fi printers can still work, provided your network has a wireless access point.

4) Low-Quality Printing

Many factors can contribute to low-quality printing. For inkjet printers, it could be that the horsepower is not enough for your needs. But if laser printers produce low-quality prints, it can be that your quality settings are wrong. Ensure that all parts of your printer work.

5) No Security

Most printers have security features installed to protect your documents against access by unauthorized individuals. However, you can still adopt extra measures to prevent hackers from breaching your network. Secure your printer if it has no security.

Platinum Copiers Can Help

Now that you know the common office printer problems, don’t wait until a printer breaks down, as repairs can be costly. Consider fixing any common issue before it worsens. While you can quickly fix some of the issues by yourself, Platinum Copiers can help.

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