At one point or another, printer owners will experience common printer repairs. These problems affect the productivity and quality of the documents you print. Luckily, these problems are fixable. Many of these repairs you can solve by changing the printer settings or using a guide from the user manual to fix. Other repairs will need an expert.

What are some common printer repairs we see? 

Sometimes the printer refuses to turn on. It can be annoying, especially if you have a print job waiting. Also, stuffing the printing papers into the printer could cause a paper jam. You could also be experiencing faded documents and Wi-fi connection problems. 

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  1. The Printer is Not Turning On
  2. Paper Jam
  3. Faded Documents
  4. Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

1) The Printer is Not Turning On

Your printer could fail to turn on if your wall outlet is not working well. To check its condition, plug in another electronic device like your mobile phone. If the phone is charging, plug in the printer and restart it after 30 minutes. If the problem is your printer’s cord, you might have to replace it. 

2) Paper Jam

There are several causes of paper jams, which lead to error messages. It happens when you insert the printing papers incorrectly or foreign particles in the machine.

Some of the particles, like dust, could corrupt the printer’s functioning and cause these problems. If it happens to your machine, use a fan to clean the dust and reinsert the papers to ensure they sit perfectly in the tray. 

3) Faded Documents

You want to offer your clients quality prints, but having your printer produce faded documents can mess you up. Inkjet printers are more likely to produce faded documents as they age. It happens when the ink runs out and the print heads start to clog. Ensure the ink cartridge is fully loaded and check your print quality settings. If you are still getting faded printed pages, clean the cartridge and install it properly. 

4) Not Connecting to the Wi-Fi 

Save money by correcting the printer’s connectivity yourself. In most cases, the printer will fail to connect to the Wi-Fi network if it is on different networks with the router. Ensure they are on the same network. You should also ensure your router settings are correct.

Platinum Copiers Maintenance and Repair

Common printer repairs can tamper with your printing job, and others cause irreparable problems in the long run. Luckily, you can now identify the common printer problems and fix them yourself. The good news is that Platinum Copiers can also help you fix your printer problems.

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