Can you count on getting the same colors every time you print? Getting consistent color from a printer is possible if you can keep the environment, paper, machine settings, and user settings all exactly the same in all aspects. Color consistency is crucial for marketing materials, branding and client communications. Click To Tweet

How to Ensure Color Consistency

Achieving consistent color in your printed materials across multiple devices can feel like a difficult and confusing task, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these easy and practical tips to save you time and money:

  1. Use The Same Paper Type
  2. Calibrate Your Copier
  3. Standardize Brands

1) Use The Same Paper Type

It’s normal to shop around for the best price on paper, but when color consistency is required, standardize the paper used in your office. Paper comes in many different weights, sizes, and finishes and are designed for various applications. Try to stick with the same brand, thickness, and texture to ensure consistency.

2) Calibrate Your Copier

Calibration is the process of resetting your device to the factory standards. There are many factors that will change how a color looks when it’s printed, including temperature, humidity, the age of your supplies and the power source your devices use. Supplies like drums also wear out over time, and developer loses its catalytic capability over time to draw tone. Your printing device has a calibration function that makes it easy to get a handle on your print colors.

3) Standardize Brands

Each manufacturer will vary slightly in the consistency, quality, and tone of colors, so you can’t expect several different brands to deliver the same results. One of the best things you can do to improve color consistency is to choose one brand for your entire fleet of office copiers and printers. Sharp delivers consistently high-quality color and is always a top choice for businesses that need a great print each and every time.

A Better Impression

While minor print variations over the course of weeks is normal, you should be concerned with a sudden change or a slow degradation over time. Invest in a fleet of Sharp office copiers and printers and enjoy the convenience of being able to count on the same colors, every time.

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