There is a lot of truth to the saying, “people don’t quit jobs; they quit managers.” By listening to people working under you, you will get many ideas on doing things differently or better to improve business operations.

While many managers know the importance of employees’ feedback, plenty do not know how to ask for it. It’s all too easy to seem like you’re pressuring your employees to give your management style a five-star review regardless of how they truly feel. Let’s look at how to get meaningful, helpful feedback from everyone in your company.

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Why is This Important?

Approaching someone to ask for feedback communicates two critical things. First, it shows that you recognize you aren’t perfect and can always improve. Second, it demonstrates that you value their opinion enough to request it and consider it as you implement necessary changes. Both principles are particularly critical in manager-employee relationships. When your employees know you value their input, they’re far more motivated to give you high-quality work.

A Worthwhile Approach to Gathering Feedback

You should request feedback at every stage of business growth. David Klein of CommonBond suggests conducting anonymous companywide reviews regarding the leader’s performance, communication, and other important characteristics. As the business grows, the questions should expand to include the leader’s planning skills and vision for the future. Regardless of your exact approach, the key is making sure all the answers stay completely anonymous. Not only will this avoid bias in the ultimate report, but it will also remove pressure from employees and allow them to be more honest.

What Not to Do

As the manager, do not approach your staff directly. If you call the workers to your office for feedback, they will feel uncomfortable and pressured into keeping their feedback as tame as possible. Never make your employees feel put on the spot. Use an anonymous survey system instead, and keep the questions simple.

Improving Your Workplace

Employee feedback is about finding what is not working in a company and what can improve productivity. When you get employee feedback, it can help you create a healthy working environment, boost productivity, and achieve business goals.

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