You may not think the way your conference room is situated will have any impact on your potential customers, or your coworkers for that matter. However, the focal points can play a huge role in keeping the attention span of your meeting attendees, which is crucial to productivity in the workplace! What are some examples of a conference room setup that can help your team or clients grasp the information you’re giving them?

When you think about a conference room for your staff or customers, keep in mind that ambiance is a major factor in the outcome of your meetings. Consider visually appealing aspects like natural light, brightly colored decorations, and food and drink accommodations. Let’s take a deeper look into why your meeting space setup is important.

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Natural Light is Comforting

If possible, select a conference room that has windows to let sunlight in. Using natural light provides warmth and comfort for everyone, and can boost creative thoughts for your team. Think about installing blinds or drapes in case you need to use them during a time of day that the sun could cause a glare on computer or video conference screens.

Bright Colors Produce Bright Ideas

No one likes a bland work environment! Spruce up your meeting room with decor and paint that is bright and welcoming to potential clients and existing coworkers. Bright colors are a natural mood enhancer and will help your discussions take a lighter tone that’s comfortable for everyone. Hang artwork or display interesting trinkets that can become conversation pieces after the professional conversations are complete.

Pro Tip: To make your conference areas more visually appealing, do some quick research on what colors and designs help boost creativity and analytical thinking for staff members.

Use In-House Printing Machines for Productivity

To keep work momentum going, be sure to have printing machines that are easily accessible and located right in the room so that your staff doesn’t have to go to a different area of the office to retrieve paper or copies. Use a print management service to provide equipment that is reliable so you can focus on boosting momentum within your office and deliver quality service to your clients!

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