You are probably wondering, “Are business cards worth it?” The truth is, business cards still matter today even though technology has transformed marketing techniques in most businesses. Some companies are now using phones, emails, and social media to share their details, but plenty of their employees still use business cards.

In this guide, we’ll explore business cards’ pros and cons to evaluate their worth in your business. They play a larger role in our tech-driven society than you might think!

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Using Business Cards as a Formality

It’s always a formality for startups to give out business cards during the first in-person meetings with prospective clients or business partners. Even if some find it easier to simply input your contact info into a new colleague’s phone, physically exchanging business cards is still a staple of many formal meetings. Some may find that a physical card draws more attention than just another cell phone contact. Meanwhile, others use uniquely designed cards to keep their business at the forefront of a client’s mind. There are plenty of creative ways to put your own unique twist on this somewhat outdated formality.

Pros & Cons of Business Cards in a Digital World

Business cards have been a great marketing tool for many years. But as technology advances, their use is becoming limited. Here are some pros and cons of business cards for modern workers:


  • Offers a quick and easy way to share contact information in person
  • Provides an excellent way to create a great first impression
  • Proves you are ready to deliver products or services
  • Creative business cards can double returns on investment


  • They might not be a good fit for all businesses
  • Can fail to impress potential clients if poorly designed or printed
  • Your card might get lost in a stack of others’ cards

Watching Your ROI

When marketing your business using business cards, you need to watch your ROI. You need to take into account the additional costs incurred when issuing the cards, including networking group fees and trade show admission. You can’t just hand out a business card to anyone you meet, but target people who can potentially become long-term clients. Are your cards earning you enough revenue to be worth it?

Pro Tip: Custom or uniquely designed business cards are more likely to catch someone’s attention than plain designs. Find creative ways to stand out!

The Role of Business Cards in Modern Industries

A traditional business card can still be a valuable tool for increasing sales in modern industries. Both big and small businesses can use the cards to reach potential customers and promote brand identity. So, are business cards worth it? For a surprising number of modern businesses, the answer is yes!

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