Working from home became the new norm after the coronavirus pandemic forced many employees to deliver their office roles from home. Now that companies have reopened and people are returning to work, there is a need for productivity tips for hybrid workers

What are some productivity tips for hybrid workers? 

Hybrid work arrangements allow you to continue working from home, for at least part-time, even when reporting to the company offices daily. In other words, you’ll have two workspaces, one at home and another at your official workplace.

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Here are the tips to boost the momentum and productivity of your hybrid teams. 

  1. Make Your Home Office Like Your Work Office
  2. Block Out Your Schedule on an Electronic Calendar 
  3. Go Paperless When Possible
  4. Communication is Essential
  5. Make Sure Everyone Has the Same Information

1) Make Your Home Office Like Your Work Office

Your home office’s setup needs to resemble your work office to make you feel natural and comfortable both in your work and home offices. Match the two environments in terms of arrangement and ergonomics. Replicating your office will help make your hybrid working environment more congruent. 

2) Block Out Your Schedule on an Electronic Calendar

Even when working from home, you need to maintain a consistent schedule by blocking out your schedule on an electronic calendar. It will protect you from time wastage. List all the tasks you intend to complete from home and schedule them on the calendar.

3) Go Paperless When Possible

Carrying around paper files from work to home and back can be challenging for hybrid workers. That’s why you must go paperless to avoid the inconveniences. Scan all the necessary documents and store them in the cloud so you can access them at home.

4) Communication is Essential

Effective communication is the key to business success. If you feel isolated from your co-workers at work, frequently communicate with them through the company’s chat tool. It encourages teamwork. Thankfully, there are many collaboration tools to facilitate this.

5) Make Sure Everyone Has the Same Information

Ensure that all the employees at work and home offices can get the same information. Remote workers should be able to attend meetings remotely. If you have joint meetings at work, ensure that remote workers can simultaneously log in from their computers.

Work Hard

Since hybrid work is new to many people, these productivity tips for hybrid workers can help you overcome the challenges of working in the office and home. Invest in tools that encourage communication and collaboration between employees at work and home.

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