Mobile devices haven’t been restricted to personal smartphones for a long time. Tablets and similar appliances have found their way into the professional world, serving as easily portable computer stand-ins or, in some cases, as primary work devices. However, there is one potential problem: not every printer can connect to these mobile devices. Is it really necessary to be able to print from smartphones or tablets as well as conventional computers?

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Taking Advantage of Mobile Devices

Whether you use a smartphone, tablet, or both, mobile devices act as easily portable computers for many different work fields. Using these devices to print documents and save data will add tremendous value to your workday. Here are just a few advantages of enabling mobile printing:

  1. Helpful for remote work
  2. Quickly capture and print information
  3. Print from anywhere

1) Helpful for Remote Work

Remote employees (the majority of the workforce for now) or employees simply out of the office still need printer access. With the ability to edit a document on a tablet and send it to the office printer, employees can share data quickly with coworkers or send it to themselves. This system helps both in-office and remote workers stay in sync.

Pro Tip: Security measures should still apply to mobile printing. Use end-to-end encryption for printing data to ensure it isn’t stolen on its way to the printer.

2) Quickly Capture and Print Information

With a mobile printing app, employees can scan a document with their tablet or smartphone and print it immediately. Better yet, they can snap a quick photo of something important and print it back at the office. Everyone carries an information powerhouse in their pocket–take advantage of it!

3) Print from Anywhere

Of course, a mobile printing system lets any authorized user print from anywhere as long as they have internet access. Any mobile device with the right software installed can send documents to the office printer for later. Your office just got a lot bigger!

Mobile Printing Solutions

If your job involves regular print jobs, it’s time to improve your efficiency by taking advantage of everything that mobile printing has to offer. Keep data flowing quickly and use your mobile devices to streamline your workday.

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