At Platinum Copier Solutions, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the latest and greatest in Sharp technology. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the rollout of two new monochrome desktop printers from Sharp: the DX-B351PL and DX-B352P.

These new printer models provide an excellent solution for the office that needs a less heavy-duty printing solution than your standard MFP. Here’s a closer look at the two new printers and their potential applications for your office space.

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Model Information

Both printer models are designed to emulate the look, feel, and functionality of Sharp printers previously on the market. Better yet, they’re designed to be as energy-efficient as possible to satisfy the budget-conscious office worker. And they’re compact enough to keep on the side of your desk. Hook up your laptop to print a report or print from anywhere in the office with wireless connectivity!

Pro Tip: The new printer model DX-B351PL from Sharp can fit an additional paper tray to triple the amount of printer paper available. Any office that prints a lot of material daily will love this new feature.

Potential Applications

Not every office needs a massive printer. Corporate suites, small business offices, and work-from-home settings can all get by with a simple printer model that gets the job done quickly and economically. Save room on printer space without sacrificing any quality!

Complete Your Office with a Simple Printer!

Both printer models are available for immediate ordering, with shipments beginning in late July. Get in touch with us today to order yours and put the finishing touches on your home office!

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