Investing in managed print services (MPS) is one of the best ways to optimize and manage your print technology. MPS is fast, reliable, and cost-effective, allowing you to take control of your print costs.

By integrating the Axess software in your printer, Platinum Copier Solutions can collect data from your Sharp copier in real-time. That will help us uncover all the ways to optimize and manage the printer through an intuitive web interface. With our managed print services, you’ll enjoy powerful business intelligence. Here are a few more things you can expect when you sign up.

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Remote Monitoring & Device Support

With the Axess software installed in your copier, we can monitor your network 24/7. You’ll receive email alerts when you’re about to run out of ink or paper. Not only does this let you know when you need a refill, but it also prevents you from keeping expensive stock on hand constantly when you don’t need it. You can also set up maintenance and service alerts to prevent printer downtimes. 

Improved Equipment Efficiency

With our managed print services, you can efficiently manage your printing environment and improve your business productivity. The MPS program will also help us identify the machines that underperform in your business and substitute them with the most efficient models. We’ll analyze all your printing needs to ensure that your company invests in the right equipment at an affordable cost. 

Reduce Printing Costs

Printing costs often fly under the radar during budgetary discussions. If you’re worried about your printing costs, consider investing in managed print services. The Axess program allows you to identify and control your business costs. With the help of an outside observer, you can ensure you don’t overspend on features or products you don’t need.

Optimize Your Office Printing Infrastructure

With managed print services, you can tailor your print environment to suit your business needs. An optimized print solution will keep your IT staff productive and focused on your priorities. The MPS will even reduce the workload in your IT department, increasing the workers’ efficiency. It will also reduce printing costs and enhance your printing environment’s effectiveness.

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