Like in social life, the rule of etiquette also applies to printing, a reason bold enough to implement office printing etiquette tips. If you use printers frequently, you are probably aware of how these devices can be frustrating when they jam. While printer problems are inevitable, too many breakdowns could signify poor printing etiquette.

What are our top office printing etiquette tips?

If printing is the core part of your job, you must be mindful and considerate about your printers or copiers. For instance, leaving a paper jam for another person to clean up is not etiquette. It may only affect your relationship with co-workers.

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Here are the printing etiquette rules you must never forget when handling printers.

  1. Fix What is Wrong
  2. Don’t Print More Than You Need
  3. If Something Is Empty, Refill It
  4. Be Courteous

1) Fix What is Wrong

If the printer develops a problem you can fix without involving a technician, such as a paper jam, please don’t walk away. Leaving a paper jam without informing anyone will affect your rapport with your colleagues. If you are unsure how to fix the problem, you can ask for help.

2) Don’t Print More Than You Need

Printing excess copies can waste paper and ink, so you should print only what you need. Before printing too many copies, ask yourself, “Do I need this document as a paper copy?” If your answer is “No,” you should stop printing extra copies. Some documents are better as softcopies.

3) If Something Is Empty, Refill It

Printing papers and ink may run out when printing a large volume of work. Consider refilling paper trays whenever they run out of paper. The good news is that it’s easy to fix, as anyone can do it. Also, consider replacing ink if your ink or toner cartridges run empty during printing.

4) Be Courteous

Being courteous can improve your relationship with co-workers. For example, if you want to print a large volume of work, you can let the person with smaller print jobs go first. Also, don’t throw away someone else’s prints from the tray. Instead, you can request them to do so.

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