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Have you ever been left waiting at the printer for your client documents to print, only to be frustrated even further when the machine disconnects or glitches mid-cycle? A similar situation has probably happened to most busy attorneys — but, it doesn’t have your reality. Reliable small law firm technology and office machines will excel in print production, quality, and never leave you wondering if you made the right copier choice.

The fast-paced environment of a law office doesn’t leave room for slow or inefficient equipment. Ditch the old machines and replace them with these high-quality Sharp devices. Share on X

To maintain a high level of internal office processes, your team needs law firm office equipment that can perform extensive workflow operations and keep up with print demands. Not only will your office function more smoothly, but you’ll save money and have easier access to documents as well.  

Sharp Copiers and Printers

Sharp’s extensive line of copiers and multifunction printers give your law firm plenty of choices. The innovative document machines help your attorneys work seamlessly with case documents while increasing workplace collaboration and maintain regulatory compliance.

Pro Tip: Can’t afford a brand new copier at the moment? Why not lease one? For a small monthly fee, you could still get the Sharp copier you’ve been eyeing.

A few key features include:

  • Easy-to-use interface and intuitive system
  • Customizable touchscreen display
  • Retractable keyboard
  • Walk-up motion sensor
  • Cloud portal and integration with major applications


Make a big impression on clients and have seamless boardroom meetings with the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display system. Touchscreen capabilities, pen-like writing, and cloud integration gives your team the tools they need to make professional, quality presentations and seal the most crucial deals.

A few key features include:

  • Outstanding image quality
  • Large screen sizes
  • Easy MFP connectivity
  • Connect to other devices with a simple setup
  • User-friendly touch pen that writes like pen on paper

Document Management Systems

Your law office handles a staggering amount of documents and sensitive information every day. Since security and ease of access are key concerns, Sharp offers a simple but very helpful document management system with their machines. Any document you scan can be later edited on your computer, and the machine uses a simplistic naming system to ensure you can find your document quickly, no matter where you’ve stored it.

An efficient document management system streamlines the process of storing, scanning, or printing documents. Additionally, it can save your office from dealing with unnecessary print costs. By cutting down on accidental duplicate jobs, unneeded hard copies of documents, and similar mistakes, you’ll need to dedicate less of the budget to refilling the printer.

A managed print service can also benefit your law firm. All the busywork of printing and sorting documents is fully handled for you, without sacrificing any efficiency or security.

Upgrade Your Law Firm Technology

Don’t let inefficient copiers hold your team back from completing essential office tasks. By making the switch to Sharp, you’ll ultimately save your law office time and money.

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