What are the most expensive aspects of running your office? Even if it’s not in first place, printing costs are likely somewhere high on the list. Unfortunately, many offices lack effective processes or software to track printing expenses. Taking just a few minutes to manage your printing expenses could save you a surprising amount of time and money.

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Keeping Costs Low

As with many aspects of office life, keeping your printing expenses low is all about efficiency. There are a variety of ways you can make your printing process more efficient, including:

  1. Managed print services
  2. Automatic alerts
  3. Reduce paper waste
  4. Skip the color

1) Managed Print Services

With managed print services, you can easily manage and optimize your print technology through an easy-to-use web interface. You don’t have to stock more paper or ink as the system can collect real-time data from your printer. Your service provider will keep track of the printer’s ink level so that you don’t get caught off-guard by emergency refills.

2) Automatic Alerts

To minimize printing costs, consider keeping your printer or copier machine networked to receive real-time updates. You’ll get automatic alerts on the printing devices’ current status, page counts, supply levels, historical trending reports, utilization, and service alerts. With such information at hand, you can make informed decisions on any need.

3) Reduce Paper Waste

Try to reduce paper wastage as much as possible. Duplex print technology, or printing on both sides of a sheet of paper, goes a long way toward reducing paper waste and is available in almost any modern printer. Check your printer settings to make sure the default is duplex printing rather than single-sided documents.

Additionally, make sure to only print documents or images you absolutely need in physical form. If an electronic document works just as well, stick with that. You should also encourage your employees to complete all necessary edits on a document before printing it. This prevents the need to print a new revision over and over, wasting paper in the process.

4) Skip the Color

Printing in black and white is a simple way of saving money. Color print cartridges can be 40% more expensive than black print cartridges. It also takes a lot of time to print colored documents, increasing power consumption in your businesses. Consider printing in color only if necessary or when you need particularly good-looking documents for marketing purposes.

Don’t Blow Your Budget!

A few strategic choices can make a big difference in your daily office expenses. For any business owner focused both on saving money and on reducing paper waste, these ideas could be lifesavers.

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