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As a business owner, almost nothing is as important as making sure your money is stretched as far as possible. You analyze every expense, evaluate investments, and look for ways to streamline and save. Many business owners wonder whether it’s better to lease or buy office copiers and printers. The answer depends on your budget. Share on X

Business Budgeting: Copier Leasing vs. Buying

Your office copier is an integral part of your daily operations. Multi-function copiers combine crucial functions such as copying, printing, scanning, and faxing. You might try to save money by buying a subpar copier but will soon find that you get what you pay for when it comes to office machines! Here are some key advantages to leasing a copier:

Up-to-Date Equipment

Technology advances at a pace that’s nearly impossible to keep up with. Buying an office copier means you’ll have to continually buy newer models to keep your equipment current. Leasing provides the option to upgrade every time your lease ends. 

Cost Effective

Buying an office copier is slightly cheaper in the end, but requires a much larger expense up front. When you lease, there’s no upfront fee, but the ongoing monthly expense does accrue over time. The initial cost of buying a machine is often too high for many small businesses. The more manageable, ongoing monthly cost of leasing is much easier to budget.

Tax Concerns

When you buy new office equipment, the entire cost is considered tax deductible. However, because you’re the owner of the machine, the unit must be counted as an asset and depreciated over time. Since you don’t own a machine you’re leasing, the monthly payments are deductible and you won’t have to worry about depreciation.


Many lease agreements include a maintenance agreement. When something malfunctions or breaks, you can have your copier serviced at no additional cost. When you buy a copier or printer, the cost of maintenance and repairs is your responsibility. It can be easier to absorb a lower monthly cost than more substantial repair and maintenance costs. One is predictable and easy to budget for, while the other is sudden and may create a financial burden.  

Make the Best Choice

At the end of the day, you need to make the best decision for your circumstances. Weigh your business needs along with the pros and cons of buying and leasing. Consider your long-term goals, available capital, and potential maintenance costs. Use this guide to help determine which is right for you.

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