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Platinum Copier Solutions provides printing solutions for many industries through Sharp’s innovative office system devices. Every company needs the ability to at least perform basic needs like copying files and printing documents. If you’re a business owner, at some point, you’ve probably experienced frustration with an office system device. Maybe your printer is constantly having maintenance needs or the network connections frequently go out. If you’ve ever been in these circumstances, we can give you a solution!

Platinum Copier Solutions provides the most reliable, functional and highest quality systems on the market. If you are looking for a device to withstand the test of time, Platinum Copiers has a solution for you!  We provide excellent customer support from our office staff, trained service and sales team.  This will allow you to focus on growing your business.  You can leave the copiers up to us!

Corporate Solutions 


Whether your company needs basic black and white printing capabilities, or full features like faxing, hole punching, and paper tray accessories, we have it all! Browse our Sharp copiers and office devices to see which is the perfect fit for your business.

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Every healthcare facility needs reliable and efficient printing devices. Our expert team can help your medical company find the best solution to fit the needs of administrative staff, nurse receptionists, doctors, surgeons, and any other staff members.

View our brochure for more information on Sharp device solutions for the healthcare industry.

Law Firms  


From signing contracts to printing hundreds of pages from a deal, law firms need a heavy-duty machine that can produce many pages without jamming or over-heating. Our reliable Sharp devices and displays will keep the back-end of your firm running so you can focus on winning cases and gaining clients.

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From school classrooms to college libraries, every educational institution needs copier and printer devices throughout the entire facility. Teachers need easy access in their classroom, administrative employees need solutions for their office and students need easily-accessible ways to copy and print studying materials. No matter the requirement, our Sharp devices are equipped with every feature your institution demands.

View our brochure for more information on Sharp device solutions for educational institutions.



Almost every government job requires some sort of paperwork. From a judge conducting research to preparing speeches and press releases, a reliable copy machine is a necessity. At Platinum Copier Solutions, we can provide your governmental institution with the devices needed to smoothly and efficiently conduct business.

View our brochure for more information on Sharp device solutions for government institutions.

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