Being environmentally conscious isn’t just about saving trees and the Ozone. It also helps your company run more efficiently and keep money in your pocketbook. It’s important to make a waste reduction plan regarding all types of waste in your office.

Small Changes Go a Long Way in Reducing Waste in the Office

There are many small changes you can make that add up to a big difference in your office. It’s important to cultivate a culture of waste reduction. As you prepare your office waste reduction plan, consider the following 10 tips:

1) Use Both Sides of the Paper

As often as is possible, print double-sided. Set all your computers, printers, copiers, and devices to print double-sided by default. Train your employees to print double-sided unless otherwise necessitated.

2) Decrease Unsolicited Mail

Take steps to stop all unnecessary or “junk” mail from being delivered to your business. Unsubscribe from mailing lists or switch to email only.

3) Adjust your Formatting Accordingly

For many of your business documents, you’ll need to stick to standard formatting. However, for internal memos, less important documents, and other unofficial items, choose single spacing and narrow margins to save on paper costs.

4) Recycle

Recycle in every way possible to your business. Shred paper waste and use for packaging. Reuse and repurpose all your boxes. Place new mailing labels over existing ones to reuse envelopes. Place recycling bins in your workrooms and remind your employees to recycle. Take part in Sharp’s Toner Recycling Program to recycle your toner cartridges.

5) Ditch Snail Mail

Avoid paper mail in every way possible. Use text, voicemail, email, and digital chat to communicate.

6) Make Supplies Last Longer

Pens, highlighters, and markers will dry out faster when not used regularly. Don’t overstock your office supplies. Encourage your team to use one pen/highlighter/marker at a time until the ink is used up before getting a new one.

7) Go Electronic

Transfer all your manuals, policies, and all other employee documents to digital format. Disperse all information to your employees in PDF format rather than physical copies. Utilize new technology such as the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display to make all your meetings digital as well.

8) Throw Out Paper Towels

Bathroom paper towels are a major source of paper waste. People are generally in a hurry and instead of flicking water off their hands will use more paper towels. Instead, replace all your paper towels with much more effective and efficient air dryers.

9) Be Mindful of the Thermostat

Place your A/C and heater on a timer to maximize your energy efficiency. Have it stay off on evenings, weekends, holidays, or any other time no one will be in the office. That way you’re not paying to cool or heat an office no one is using.

10) Use Your Own Dishes

Provide a set of office-owned dishes or encourage your employees to bring their own dishes for use in the office. Eliminate your need for styrofoam or cardboard coffee cups and paper plates. Encourage your employees to bring their own snacks and meals in reusable containers to reduce fast food and vending machine waste.

You Can Make a Difference

Doing your part not only bolsters your local reputation, but it also ends up saving you money in the long run. Create your company waste reduction plan and begin generating less waste today. Get started with this guide to reducing waste in the office.

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