Office technology is constantly being upgraded, improved, and redesigned. The goal is to make your daily experience better, faster, and more productive. Keeping your office equipment upgraded and updated is essential to maintaining your competitive edge today and tomorrow.

Get More Done With Upgraded Office Technology

You may have not yet considered your office equipment as an opportunity for better productivity. However, it’s important to keep a pulse on the equipment you have and new technology as it’s made available. Keeping your equipment up to date gives you the best chance at optimal productivity and efficiency.

1) Everything is Faster

Keeping your PCs upgraded with adequate RAM keeps them running faster so you can do more. Faster startup and shutdown times save a few minutes daily, which adds up over time. This allows your employees to focus more time on important tasks. Top-of-the-line MFPs such as the MX-2610N from Sharp facilitate speedy printing, copying, faxing, and much more. They’re designed with your productivity in mind. Upgrading your graphics card will also allow you to add a second monitor to your desk to increase productivity by as much as 20 to 30%.

2) Reliability is Key

You need your computers, office copiers, and other devices to work reliably every time you need them. There’s nothing worse than a device freezing up on you in the hour you need it most. Keeping your equipment upgraded ensures you have the latest state-of-the-art protection against system failures, crashes, and viruses. This translates to fewer technical interruptions to your daily workflow and much less employee frustration. Your employees will also be able to make better use of their time when they’re not having to spend as much time on the phone with tech support.

3) Easy to Multitask

Keeping your PCs  updated is essential to your office productivity. Keeping your machines equipped with plenty of RAM allows you to run several programs at once without noticeable speed issues and delays. This will allow your team to get more done each day. It will also lower their frustration levels which boosts office morale. At the end of the day, happier workers are always more productive.

4) Simple to Use

Newer models always feature improvements in functionality, technology, and user-friendliness. Most new machines feature ever-more intuitive user interfaces. This means a new user will be able to use the equipment quickly without training or experimentation. This means less time spent in training and learning to use new office equipment and more time devoted to revenue-generating activities.

5) Work on the Go

Newer operating systems and software features remote functionality and integration with popular devices, programs, and features to empower the remote workforce. Giving your workforce the ability to work on the go gives them flexibility and versatility, boosting your overall productivity significantly.

Stay Up to Date and Up to Speed

The business world has never been more competitive and you need every edge you can get. Your office equipment may currently be the source of many delays, headache, and frustration. The bottom line is it’s affecting your bottom line. Consider upgrading your office PCs, MFPs, and other devices today for your best productivity yet.

To learn more about keeping your MFP’s upgraded through copier leasing, Contact Us.

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