The reliability of your weekly workflow and productivity is essential to your daily operations. You need a document management system that’s easy to use, versatile, and that will streamline the document workflow process. The MX-M905 is that system.

World Class Document System

Give your office the edge it needs with the MX-M905. High-powered and reliable, these workhorses are designed for high volume, reliability, and user friendliness. They represent the latest in the line of innovative Sharp copiers.  Get to know these 7 essential features of the MX-M905.

1) Unmatched Reliability

Advanced technology and features streamline your workflow in powerful ways. The MX-M905 is designed to handle high-volume print environments with ease and dependability.

2) Intuitive Design

Not only will it handle your heaviest workflow, but it’s designed with the user in mind. Its intuitive interface and innovative features will improve your workflow efficiency like never before. Wireless capable, it also integrates with the most-used network applications and cloud services.

3) Simplicity

It features simple, intuitive operation and job management. A series of Easy Modes provide quick access to basic functions. It also simplifies wireless networking and mobile connectivity. For increased productivity, it has an 8,500-sheet paper capacity with enhanced paper handling technology.

4) Flexibility

The MX-905 is a versatile document system to fit your needs. It is organized in modules that fit together in various ways to accommodate the needs of your office. Customize it for optimal productivity and functionality.

5) Greater Collaboration

Intelligent image processing allows you to scan and convert documents to popular file formats including advanced PDF options. Print from thumb drives, cloud apps, and mobile devices. The MX-M905’s enhanced Email Connect and Cloud Connect features allow you to easily distribute, access and print your documents with increased efficiency. You can also scan and print from mobile devices.

6) Enhanced Security

The MX-905 also protects with enhanced security at every point along the way. It allows administrators to easily monitor, review and audit activity and events for greater security. It also offers auditing hardware and software that allows administrators to control, access, and track usage of every network device. The MX-905 features a variety of security measures to protect your employees’ privacy and intellectual property.

7) Environmentally Responsible

Sharp adheres to Green Products Guidelines to promote corporate sustainability and environmental responsibility. Sharp products like the MX-905 are designed to consume less power, use recycled materials, reduce product and packaging materials, and label the type of materials used. They are also upgradable and easy to repair and take apart for recycling. Sharp also offers customers a toner recycling program for all Sharp consumables.

Upgrade Your Office Productivity

The Sharp MX-905 Monochrome Document System combines high-volume output with ease of use and reliability. Consider adding this innovative new high-speed document system to your office. Contact Us to learn more about the MX-905 and other Sharp products and resources.

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