Modern offices are becoming more digitized than ever. With the popularity of cloud computing, many office functions have become obsolete. For example, there’s no need to fax a bulky contract when you can email it in seconds.  An office printer is one of the office machines with no expiration date in sight. It’s still widely used and necessary to most office functioning.

3 Key Considerations for Finding the Best Office Printer

In your search for the perfect office printer, it’s important to assess the needs of your office.  This includes the volume of print production, as well as the number of users. Weigh these needs against the practical side of things, like your budget. It’s fine to plan for future use, but don’t invest in an expensive color device in hopes that business will increase. Be practical!

1) Budget

As in most aspects of business spending, your budget is a top concern.  Spend too much and you may not see a return on your investment.  Spend too little and you may end up losing money in repairs or upgrades.  Let your budget determine which printers are worth considering.

2) Print Production

Review your current office output when looking for a new printer. Average speed for an office printer is around 40 ppm, but if you require high volume use, look for speeds above that. Printed materials should always look polished, especially if they’re shared with clients. This means that every employee who uses the printer should get the same high-quality results. If your printer can’t keep up with the workload, quality and efficiency will suffer.

3) Additional Features

Office printers are advanced machines, capable of doing much more than printing. Most MFP (multifunction printers) can print, scan, fax, email and photocopy.  They come in a variety of sizes, but many of them are small enough to fit onto a small desk.  These machines are perfect for streamlining several processes into one. Easily scan, save and share with the click of a button.

Other Factors

The printer you choose should work with your existing network. Consult your IT specialist before purchasing anything to make sure the printer you’re buying is compatible with your network.  Also, take into account the cost of toner and ink.  That’s an expense that’s often overlooked but can add up quickly!

Equip Your Team

No matter what size your business is, it’s important to equip your staff with every tool they need to succeed. By streamlining workflow and print processes, your business can maximize efficiency. In a busy office, there’s nothing worse than a machine that’s too complicated to use, or can’t keep up with the workload. For best productivity, give your employees the very best in office printing.

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