In the hustle and bustle of your everyday business operations, it’s easy to overlook the office machines that make it all possible. Your multifunction copiers and printers (MFPs) are central to your productivity and office efficiency. It’s important to choose machines with the functions and features that will benefit your business the most.

MFP Functions for Best Results

Increasing your productivity while maintaining or improving quality is always your primary objective. MFP technology is giving way to smarter, faster, and more innovative machines than ever before. Consider the following 5 MFP functions to give you the best results:

1) Cloud Printing

Enjoy one-click printing from any computer or mobile device wherever you are. Stop wasting time searching for documents and moving and formatting documents for printing. Have a record of what has been printed, who initiated each print job, and when the job was completed. Having this data will help you cut down on unnecessary print costs and prevent employee abuse of print privileges.

Note: Sharp products are compatible with leading mobile print apps.

2) Innovative Touch Screen Interface

A multifunction copier or printer with a large touchscreen makes it easy to use your machine for your daily print needs. These innovative touchscreen interfaces feature easy to use functions such as quick scan/copy and quick access to on-board operational guides.

3) Flexibility of Document Distribution

Choose an MFP that will allow you to distribute your documents right from the machine. Your distribution options include scan to desktop, scan to email, scan to copy, and document filing and archiving. These invaluable options make your workflow more efficient and productive.

4) Security

Your data will be encrypted while in transit, stored in RAM, and stored on the hard drive. The built-in overwriting routines ensure data is virtually inaccessible by unauthorized users. Make sure your machine has an End-Of-Lease feature which will erase all data before returning the machine to your service provider. This ensures the next user won’t inadvertently access your sensitive data. Sharp, in particular, has received six “Pick” awards from Buyers Laboratory LLC, including one for their multi-layered security feature.

5) Automatic Document Feeding (ADF)

This convenient feature automatically feeds and scans up to 50 documents/images per minute. By eliminating the need to manually lift and lower cover between documents, this feature improves your print efficiency significantly. This is ideal for many businesses needing to print handbooks and manuals including legal services and accounting.

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Keeping your office equipment on the forefront of business technology is essential to maintaining your competitive edge in your industry. It may be time to assess your business machines and upgrade or make the switch to managed services. Whatever you decide, don’t rely on yesterday’s technology to move your business into tomorrow. Find the MFPs most suitable for your business. Get started with this guide to MFP functions for best results.

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